For time-limited logistics operations where large-scale operations involving the design of custom processes are carried out.

We design the best solutions for your  operations

¿What do we consider a project?

That limited time operation that involves a great scope as is the case of oversized cargo, large volume, bulk, charters, among others. This service requires
the engineering design of personalized processes, as well as constant communication and during traceability it is considered a priority.

How was the project area born?

It was born from our desire as a logistics company and from the market’s need to provide comprehensive logistics support for this type of oversized or far-reaching cargo. In this way, in 2020 we opened the projects area to provide specialized support for large-scale operations.

What is the purpose?

Our purpose is based on our clients living a different experience and feeling support and advice in all logistics management, according to their needs, with the priority that this type of large-scale operations deserves.

Get to know our methodology

We design and develop large-scale and far-reaching logistics projects.



We define the project

  • Risk assessment
  • Supplier Evaluation.
  • Transport feasibility study.
  • Development of execution alternatives.
  • Choice and definition with the client of the most efficient logistics alternative.


Development of the operation

  • An agreement between the parties involved in the logistics project.
  • Work plan that includes a schedule of meetings, measurement of indicators and assignment of the work team.

Closing of operation

Pending in each step

  • We take care of the details of each agreement.
  • We focus on the customer experience.
  • We review the latest details of the entire logistics project.

Our approach

Logistics operations specialized in the following industries.

¡Get to know
our transport 

We transport your cargo by the most appropriate route for your business.
We design together the ideal solution to reach your destination.

Ideal for urgent shipments of perishable or high monetary value merchandise.
Supports greater movement of goods, both in containers, bulk or liquid.
Ideal for urgent shipments in short and medium distance sections of up to 2,500 km.

International reach

We have strategic alliances around the world.

Our experience

Get to know some of the projects we have worked on. ¡Experience counts!


Commercial project manager
"In the project area we focus on understanding you. Always attentive to details, based on that we design a special proposal regardless the complexity of your project."

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