Distribution Solutions

We help you transport your products at an urban and national level with real-time tracking through our website.

Last mile

Same Day Delivery

Door to door deliveries throughout Lima and Callao in less than 60 minutes.


Selection Process:

All scharfferos pass a criminal background check and health screening.

Shipments with return:

If you wish, we will return your cargo to origin.

Insured merchandise:

We have different plans that will allow you to choose the maximum value to be transported. In addition, each shipment has a delivery validation photo.

Monthly billing:

All your shipments are billed taking into account the guidelines for each shipment, on a monthly basis.

Next Day Delivery (Consolidated)

Delivery service for the next day in Lima and deliveries throughout Peru according to lead time.


Contactless deliveries:

Digital signature through a QR code, photo of the ID or document and/or photo of the delivery or facade.


Choose the time range for the delivery of your merchandise.


We reach all of Peru thanks to our strategic allies.

Insured merchandise:

We have different plans that will allow you to choose the maximum value to be transported.

Scharff Points

Affiliate points for delivery and pick up (drop off and pick up) of parcels or documentation.



More than 180 affiliated points located in more than 10 districts of Lima and 5 provinces.

Strict selection:

We verify that they have a good location, police filter, adequate space, credit risk, etc.


Each Scharff Point goes through an induction process to insert them into the logistics industry.

Human Brand:

Every time a customer picks up a package from a Scharff Point, it helps a business receive additional income.

Reverse logistics

servicio logistica inversa scharff

We take care of the management, planning, collection and delivery of your products that need to return to origin.

Supply logistics:

servicio logistica abastecimiento scharff

We manage the supplies or raw material necessary for the production of your final product.

We reach all of Peru

We have strategic allies at the national level to facilitate the delivery of your products.

Distribution HUB

Ideal space located in the Jockey Plaza to serve the operation of the main retailers located in the city center.

Space of 3,853 m2 (97 parking spaces) to serve more than 10,000 packages daily.

Hours of attention from Monday to Saturday during the 24 hrs.